Barbara Walsh & Danny Tuckwood, Metaco

The Team Challenge

Belinda Carreira, Founder & MD: Well

Employee Wellbeing

You can decide to be the change you want to see. You can decide to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Dr Jopie de Beer, JvR Africa Group

Toxicity in the Workplace

One individual can change the destiny of a nation.
One individual can change the destiny of an organisation.

John Botha, COO at Global Business Solutions

The Prince is in the Frog. 

An in depth look at what it is that is going to make businesses sustainable.

Julia Kerr-Henkel MD of Lumminos Coaching and Consulting

The Importance of Courage

The importance of courage, building the skill set, rumbling with vulnerability and showing up as real, authentic South Africans

Linda van der Loo, Blue Pebble Group

Learning Disrupted 

How to future fit yourself from a skills perspective. It’s a great time to be learning. Let’s just keep learning.

Lita Currie, Founder, 3Stickmen

Drawing at Work

Lita is a visual practitioner who uses drawings and pictures to help people think better and solve problems creatively.

Lunice Johnston, Lunice Johnston Communications

Your Personal Brand

How many of us have actively thought about our personal brand?

Tendai Khumalo, Group Commercial Executive, Adcorp Group

Looking at Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

An exciting series around Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace particularly focusing on disability

Valerie Ndou, Fhatuella Strategic Solutions

Where are the women leaders? 

Are you a woman in the workplace weighing up your options? Ladies, the juggle is real!

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