An interview with Jules Newton, founder and director of Avocado Vision

Communication that works for Covid-19: Many of us have the luxury of surfing the internet on our phones to check the latest stats on the Covid-19 crisis. We have access to television to view the President’s updates and we understand the science behind staying home to flatten the curve. But for many South Africans this is not their reality.  >>> read the full article on talenttalks.net

Coaching on resilience can help us through this crisis.

Jonathon Thomson, strategic consultant and leadership coach with particular interest in the area of HR strategy design, organizational development, culture management and leadership development in conversation with Lita Currie.

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Episode 1: What is resilience and how can we build the muscle of resilience and positively adjust to the changes we are going through?

Episode 2: How do we keep training and developing our people while they are now working remotely? 

Episode 3: As an HR Director what should we be paying attention to?

Melanie Green – Coaching Through The Maternity Transition

Starting a family is an important decision for anyone, and true for senior professional women.  So says Melany Green, CEO of “Great Expectations”, a company that specialises in coaching moms and dads through the parental transition.

Change. The lessons sport can teach business.

Episode 1 : Talent is not enough.

How to attract the best talent, keep them the longest, and get the best out of the rest. Paddy Upton, author of ‘’The Barefoot Coach” – life changing insights from coaching the world’s best cricketers – in conversation with Lita Currie

Episode 2 : Winning, but not at all costs

How to attract the best talent, keep them the longest, and get the best out of the rest. Paddy Upton, author of ‘’The Barefoot Coach” – life changing insights from coaching the world’s best cricketers – in conversation with Lita Currie

 Episode 3 : Creating a culture of success

How to attract the best talent, keep them the longest, and get the best out of the rest. Paddy Upton, author of ‘’The Barefoot Coach” – life changing insights from coaching the world’s best cricketers – in conversation with Lita Currie

Making Wits knowledge impactful and socially relevant, ensuring research matters. 

In this sponsored series, we get to understand more in depth what Wits Enterprise does and how it positions Wits University to carry out applied research that has social cohesion and socio-economic impact.

Ep. 1: Research in service of what?  In conversation with Andrew Hope-Jones, Macdonald Wanenge and Tendani Nevondo

Wits Enterprise was established to provide a seamless, less bureaucratic platform for Wits academics to commercialize their research. The primary aim is to provide access to funding, innovation support, business development and commercialization in a way that facilitates turning Wits research and knowledge creation into socially relevant, problem solving solutions, designed with users and communities in mind.

Ep. 2: An Eco-system of Innovation. In conversation with Tumi Ngqondo

Positioning Wits University as an innovation and technology partner. Wits Enterprise aims to build a bridge between industry and academics. The innovation unit is concerned with contextualising research for the consumer markets, building networks within industry, using an interdisciplinary approach.  Working with units such as the Wits Law School for support on intellectual property rights and the Enterprise and Supplier Development units, the Innovation Hub interfaces with government and industry to support the commercialization of Wits Applied Research.

Ep.3: Locally responsive, globally competitive. In conversation with Dimple Patidar, Acting Director for Short Courses at Wits Enterprise.

The world of work is constantly changing; this places a premium on ensuring that one’s skills are current.  The short courses unit offer learners the opportunity to deepen capabilities and gain technical skills at a steady pace.  As part of Wits University’s strategy to make education opportunities more readily available to learners, Wits Enterprise ensures that this learning is available in a format that suits your needs; face-to-face, blended learning and online university accredited short courses from four faculties; Commerce, Law & Management (CLM), Engineering, Humanities & Health Sciences.

Breaking boundaries, making learning accessible and relevant. In conversation with Gavin Olivier, Managing Executive, Wits DigitalCampus.

Wits DigitalCampus in partnership with Wits University, offers accredited, online, and occupationally relevant short courses. These courses accelerate your skills development while improving individual and business performance – trusted accreditation in the palm of your hands. Those who successfully complete the course receive a certificate. Courses are boundaryless: individuals can access content from any location worldwide where there is a reliable Internet connection. The content is developed and delivered by Wits lecturers.

Sustaining a consistent employee experience across Africa

Talenttalks and Wits Enterprise host an interactive workshop with Dr Martin Kalungu-Banda of the Presencing Institute and Ubuntu Lab

The Future of Work series

Career by design
In conversation with Paolo Guiricich

Paolo’s voice as an emerging thought leader on the Future of Work is made much stronger because it comes from his lived experience.  He’s walking the talk on career architecture.  I love his take on career architecture.  If you didn’t know career management is out.  Are you designing your career experiences? For who’s benefit? We talk about this, the gig economy and more.

Discerning the future is serious, but it should not be faced with fear
In conversation with Dr Morné Mostert

Morne is a powerful combination of intelligence, humour and intentionality. Nothing ‘’just happens’’ and yet everything comes together in a seriously fun way. Discerning the future or should I say ‘’futures’’ is serious, but it should not be faced with fear. There are skills we can all develop. We become what we put our energies towards. Where is your head at?  In understanding what’s already been? In the now? Or, in imagining and creating what could be? Listen to find out what Dr Mostert recommends as the ideal ratio. 

Included: #Awake to Ourselves

Egbe Adeoye and Roy Gluckman, CEO of Cohesion Collective seek to unpack what Diversity Inclusion & Belonging actually mean to individuals, leaders and organizations.

Topics Discussed:

  • Getting “woke”
  • What is Diversity Inclusion & Belonging?
  • Diversity Inclusion & Belonging is a skill set and a practice
  • We are always going to fail when dealing with diversity and different people. How we could hold ourselves in compassion that we are “in practice” and continue to learn and grow
  • How we create more spaces for more people to speak and engage
  • South Africa and Invisibility of Privilege
    • Owning Privilege
    • White Guilt

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